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Sarlat-La-Caneda, in Dordogne.

Sarlat is a medieval city wich became a prosperous city at the end of the VIII century under the reign of Pepin le Bref and Charlemagne when the benedictines established a monastery there.

In the sixties, the old facades were restored and it is a pleasure to walk around the picturesque cobbled streets.

Another street.

Maya with the cathedral in the background.

Maya opening the door of "The lantern of the Dead", a tower built to commemorate a miracle made by Saint Bernard on his return from the crusades in 1147.

Place de la Liberte.

This region is well known for its foie gras, that's the reason why there are shops selling it everywhere.

Of course gooses are very important in this city.

Maya and the cloth goose.

Maya found also a very nice cock.

Another cobled street.

In the evening Maya used to play guitare.

She also loved looking through the window.

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