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Maya is a vinyl doll, 16 inch tall, with 9 articulations and a wig. She belongs to the line of characters "Your Modern Girl™" produced by A Girl for All Time. She is wearing her original outfit.

Maya is twelve and her birthday is on april 20th. She loves a lot of things like playing guitar ...

...or climbing on trees.

She is learning bass and wants to create a band with her friends.

Her best friend, Nisha, says that she dresses like a boy but it is not really true, at least for my Maya who likes a lot of styles. Here modeling an outfit made following a pattern by Little Miss Muffett

Maya says that a dress won't be a problem to climb on trees anyway.

Maya asked for a gigot sleeve dress to visit the beautiful castle of Schwerin, in Germany and I couldn't refuse. I made it following a pattern by Thimbles and Acorns

In fact she is very demanding. Here modeling an outfit I made using a pattern by Doll Tag Clothing

In this picture, she is wearing a mini skirt I made with a pattern by Liberty Jane Clothing

The sweater was made following a free pattern by Jackeline Gibb for Sasha dolls, found on Ravelry.

Maya modeling an outfit I made for her.

I made also a bathrobe for the spa.

As we live at the seaside, Maya asked also for a swim suit.

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