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American Girl dolls are 18-inch tall. Each doll comes with a book telling her story. There are different lines: "Historical characters", "Girl of the Year" and "Just like you".

The company was founded in 1986 by Pleasant Rowland and became a subsidiary of Mattel in 1998.

Girls of the year : they are dolls that are only available for one year before retirement. They represent girls who live in modern-day America during the year of their release. Each doll comes with a book telling her story.

Grace Thomas : Girl of the year 2015. She is modeling her original outfit.

Close up.

Grace is wearing a knitted jacket I've made following a pattern by Jacknitss designs and a skirt I've made following a pattern by Knitnplay

Her dollie is a mini American Girl Grace I have dressed to match her.

Historical character dolls are characters from various periods of American history.


Samantha Parkington is an orphan who lives with her grandmother during the Victorian-era, in 1904. Nellie O'Malley, a servant girl, moves in next door and becomes her best friend. Later, Nellie and her young sisters are adopted by Samantha's ant and uncle.

Here is Samantha, wearing her original outfit.

Samantha goes to the beach. She is wearing her original bathing dress.

Playing with the sand.

Here modeling "Cranberry Dress Party". She has the doll she received for Christmas.

Samantha playing croquet. She is wearing "Sunday Lawn Party outfit".

Nellie O'Malley, wearing her original outfit.

Nellie modeling her Holiday outfit.

Nellie comes back home. She is wearing her original winter coat and hat.

Below are pictures of Samantha and Nellie I took when I visited AG store in chicago, a few years ago.

Samantha and Nellie books serie

Nellie's book

Trading cards

Josefina Montoya is a young Mexican girl living in New Mexico when that state was still part of Mexico. She must adapt following the death of her mother and the introduction of mother's sister Tía (Aunt) Dolores to the family circle.

Josefina Montoya, wearing her original outfit.

Josefina, close up

Josefina wearing "Holiday outfit", the one she put on for Christmas Eve.

Josefina drapes an embroidered shawl around her shoulders for special days. The satin shawl has special meaning to Josefina, it belonged to her mama. The fan is a gift from her sister Francisca.

Josefina wearing "Summer outfit", the one she put on for the trip to Santa Fe.

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