Inma's Doll Collection


"Ellowyne's canopy bed".

I made this bed following Nic Trznadel's tutorial.

Adrift loves her new bed. Thanks again Nic !

View of the front of the bed.
Click the image below to see Nic's tutorial.

"Ellowyne's trunk".

Original trunk from Wilde Imagination for Ellowyne.

Close up.

Ellowyne (Essential Too, raven) trying some shoes.

Ellowyne (Red to Lift her Mood) choosing an outfit.

Sharing impressions about the dress form.

- Do you think it suits me ?
- Let me see, yes, for sure!

- Let me help you with the glove.

And finally the shoes.

The trunk, closed.

"The bedroom".

Wilde Rose Vanity.

Eva (Essential Readhead).

Conchi (Essential Blonde) wearing "I couldn't care less" from Wilde Imagination. Here you can see the pajamas.

"I couldn't care less" outfit: the matching velvet robe.

"I couldn't care less" outfit: the matching velvet robe.

The bed. Marilo (Reluctant debut) is reading a very interesting article about Wilde Imagination.

Where is my slip-on?

Time to go to bed. Marilo is wearing a pajama I made for her.

Is it enough nice for tonight?.

The wardrobe. I took this picture with early morning light. Eva (Essential Read Head) just loves the moment when a new day is beginning.

This picture instead was taken at evening. I have restyled Eva's hair.

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