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Bleuette, Rosette and Bambino

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Part of the fascination people feel for Bleuette is due to the fact that she had a lot of outfits. Gautier-Languereau (from now GL)made for her, from 1905 to 1960, more than one thousand different models to be sold and about one thousand patterns published in the magazine "La Semaine de Suzette" (from now LSDS) to be made by the owners of the dolls.

Collectors have brought her the the life again and dollmakers have made many reproductions of Bleuette. That way the new generation of dolls has joined the antique one in the fun of sewing for these darlings dolls and playing with them.

I have organised the items chronologicaly. The date of the LSDS pattern or the GL model is indicated in each picture.I've made all the outfits, except those I've received as a gift in exchanges. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question.


Rosette, Bambino, and Bécassine


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