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Blythe was born in 1972, designed by Marvin Glass & Associates and manufactured by Kenner. At that time, those large eyes changing from one colour to another were not appealing for children and she was produced for only one year

In June 2001, Blythe came again to life, as Neo-Blythe, manufactured by Takara and became a great succes.

One of the reasons of Blythe's great succes is that it is possible to custumise her. The doll is about 30 cm tall. Her head has had different molds: BL (Blythe), EBL (Excellent), SBL (Superior) and RBL (Radiance). The SBL mold is from 2004 and to be able to open the head of these dolls you may need a saw. With the RBL one, released in 2006, you won't have to use a saw to do that.