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Ellowyne received a sumptuous gift from my friend Nic that has allowed her dream come true, that is : a trip to the moon ! Here she is inside of the lunar module, on her way to the moon. She is wearing the austronaut suit that Nic made for her. On her head is has the communications carrier assembly.

This is the great moment : her first steps on the moon.

Ellowyne was astonished, everything was so stunning and beautiful. She couldn't believe she was looking at the earth.

Finally she went to the place where Armstrong and Aldrin had placed the American flag in 1969.

When she arrived back to the earth, she posed for posterity.

They become friends for a while, but then the unicorn disappeared.

Ellowyne is still wondering if it was just a dream.

Ellowyne dreamed she was at the Garden of Eden.

Everything was peaceful and serene, even Rufus was there.

One of Ellowyne's favourite dreams is that she is a ballet dancer. It has become for her an escape from ennui.

She wishes so much to have a beautiful ballet costume, but for the moment it is just a dream.

Elena dreamed she was the queen of the Venetian Carnival but it is a vague recollection. Was it really a dream ? She is wearing the gift we received as prize for winning the New Year's Picture Contest organised by the Yahoo group EllowyneWilde. Thank you Angie.

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