Inma's Doll Collection

Ellowyne Wilde, 2007 issues

All the dolls here are original dolls from Wilde Imagination and are wearing their original outfit. I have named them all after women of my family and my friends.

" Essential Ellowyne Wigged Out": Mariana.

Mariana trying her wigs. Sybil wasn't interested but her poodle sounds very attentive.

" Tatters": Yolanda.

Yolanda wearing her original outfit.

Another photograph of Yolanda.

Yolanda, portrait in sepia.

"Lingering doubt": Gaudi.

Gaudi wearing her original outfit. I have repainted her eyes.

Gaudi, portrait.

"Wilde Rose": Carmen.

Carmela (Wilde Rose) wearing her original outfit.

Carmela, portrait.

"Overdressed ?": Irene.

Irene ("Overdressed?" Limited edition by FAO), wearing her original outfit

Irene, portrait

"Madly, Sadly Plaid": Ana.

Ana ("Madly, Sadly Plaid", FAO Exclusive) with her original outfit from Wilde Imagination.

Ana, portrait.

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