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Ellowyne Wilde 2008

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Ellowyne Wilde, 2008 issues

All the dolls here are original dolls from Wilde Imagination and are wearing their original outfit. I have named them all after women of my family.

Ellowyne "A Case of the Blues"

Ellowyne with her original outfit.

Blues and Gold.


Ellowyne "Always Playing Solitaire"

Ellowyne with her original outfit.


Ellowyne "Tiny Expectations"

Ellowyne with her original outfit.


"Essential Ellowyne, Too": Redhead, Brunette and Blonde

Noemi, Inma and Valeria.

Noemi, wearing her original outfit.

Noemi, portrait.

Inma, wearing her original outfit.

Am I essential ?

Inma, close up.

Valeria, wearing her original outfit.

Valeria, portrait.

"Adrift": Maria Victoria

Maria Victoria modeling her original outfit.

Maria Victoria, portrait.

"Just another Year" and "Sybil".

"Just another Year" Ellowyne wearing her original outfit from Wilde Imagination. 2008 Tonner Halloween Convention, Framingham (USA), october 2008.

Close up.

"Woe and Whipped Cream": Alasne

Alasne with her original outfit. "Woe and Whipped Cream" was presented at the UFDC Convention in Las Vegas (USA), in 2008.

Alasne, portrait.

"Save Me": Ana Mari

Ana Mari with her original outfit.

" Pale Memories": Mari-Angel.

Mari-Angel modeling her original outfit.

Mari-Angel thinking of... Rufus ?.

Mari-Angel, portrait

"Lonely Heart": Alexandra.

People call me "Lonely Heart" but my real name is Alexandra. ("Lonely Heart", Tonner Convention, Lombard -USA-, May, 2008).

And Yes I feel alone. (Alexandra is wearing her original outfit from Wilde Imagination)

Close up.

"Purple Rain": Maribel.

Maribel models her original outfit from Wilde Imagination.

Maribel had to sit and smell the flowers.

Life can be wonderful sometimes.

Maribel, portrait.

"Paris Blue": Patricia.

"Paris Blue", (Paris Fashion Doll Festival exclusive, Paris, March 2008) Patricia is wearing her original outfit.

Patricia in Paris.

Patricia, close up.

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