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Ellowyne Wilde, 2009 issues

All the dolls here are original dolls produced by Wilde Imagination in 2009.

Ellowyne "Desolate Dreams"

Ellowyne "Desolate Dreams" (LE1000) modelling her original outfit.

Tea alone.

Ellowyne "Desolate Dreams", portrait.

Ellowyne "A Bon voyage?"

Ellowyne "A bon voyage?" (LE1000) modelling her original outfit.

Ellowyne "A bon voyage?", portrait (I have repainted her eyes).

Ellowyne "Sweetly Sullen"

Ellowyne "Sweetly Sullen" (LE1000) modelling her original outfit.

Ellowyne "Solitary Sojourn"

Ellowyne "Solitary Sojourn" (LE1000) modelling her original outfit.

Ellowyne "Solitary Sojourn", portrait

Ellowyne "in Whine"

Ellowyne "in Whine" made her debut at the 2009 Modern Doll Convention (LE1000). Ellowyne was invited to a wine tasting in a famous Spanish cellar. She knew it would be a great ennui but she went.

Ellowyne "in Whine" modeling her original outfit.

I took this picture putting an embroidered black tulle between the doll and the camera.

Ellowyne "in Whine", portrait

Ellowyne "in Oz"

Ellowyne"in Oz" was issued for the 2009 Dolls in Oz Sydney Spring Carnaval Event (LE150). Ellowyne has a magic mirror...(looking at the mirror: "Ellowyne in Oz", inside the mirror: "I Wait Alone".

And now, looking at the mirror: "I wait Alone", inside the mirror: "Ellowyne in Oz".

both dolls with their original outfits.

I Wait Alone and Ellowyne in Oz: portrait.

Ellowyne in Oz.

Ellowyne in Oz as "Ophelia" by Rufus (Ellowyne in Oz wearing I Wait Alone's outfit).

Ellowyne "Baroque "N Dreams"

Ellowyne, with her original outfit.


Baroque "N Dreams and Prudence C'est la Vie.

Ellowyne "Moody Blues"

Ellowyne, with her original outfit.

Is it me ?


Ellowyne "I Wait Alone"

Ellowyne, with her original outfit.

Close up.

Ellowyne "Tarnished"

Tonner "On Film" 2009 Convention Ellowyne Exclusive (LE325).

Close up.


Sunset in the city.

Ellowyne "Essential Too, raven"

Special Ellowyne made for IDEX 2009 (LE200).

Ellowyne asked the sea to tell her if she is pretty.

She waited for the answer, but only heard a murmur that she couldn't understand.

Finally a shower of shooting stars made her think she might be a little star too.

And in fact, she is as pretty as a star, isn't she ?

Ellowyne "Invisible Ink"

Invisible Ink, sunset. (Ellowyne is wearing her original outfit).

Ellowyne with her original outfit, except the jacket which is from "Dots Enough?" outfit and the boots that are "Alcaraz in Gold" from the "San Francisco shoes Collection" .

Invisible Ink, portrait.

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