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Ellowyne Wilde, 2011 issues

All the dolls here are original dolls produced by Wilde Imagination in 2011 who belong to my collection.

Ellowyne Feeling Drained

Ellowyne Feeling Drained modelling her original outfit.

Here with an outfit I made for her.

Ellowyne Tears of Endearment

Ellowyne Tears of Endearment (LE 1000), she is not wearing her original outfit.

Another picture of Ellowyne Tears of Endearment.

Close up.

Ellowyne La Mélancholique du Château

Ellowyne La mélancholique du Château (LE140), modelling her original outfit. She was an exclusivity of the Paris Fashion doll Festival.

Close up.

Ellowyne Essential Four

Ellowyne Essential Four Brunette, wearing "Spring Awaykening" from Wilde Imagination.

Ellowyne Essential Four Readhead with an outfit a friend made for her.

Ellowyne Essential Four Blonde.

Ellowyne Going in Circles

Ellowyne Going in Circles (LE 1000) wearing her original outfit.

Ellowyne The Lighter Side

Ellowyne The Lighter Side(LE 200) wearing her original outfit. She was the center piece of the Tonner Convention.

Another picture of Ellowyne The Lighter Side.

Close up.

Ellowyne Feeling Fatigue

Ellowyne Feeling Fatigue (LE 1000) wearing her original outfit.

Ellowyne Positively Negative

Ellowyne Positively Negative (LE 1000) wearing her original outfit.

Close up.

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