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Ellowyne Wilde in Germany

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Ellowyne Wilde in Bavaria (summer 2010).

Ellowyne ("A Bon voyage ?" with repainted eyes) trying to recover energy in Bad Fussing (Bavaria, Germany).

Bad Fussing is a spa town with beautiful gardens and fountains.

At the hotel, the water of the outside swimming pool was very warm and it was a pleasure to swim.

Ellowyne at Nymphenburg Palace, near Munich.

It was like to be in Versailles with all those beautiful mirrors.

Ellowyne in the gardens of Nymphenburg Palace.

In the botanical garden of Nymphenburg.

This garden was a dream.

Admiring the giant water lilies.

Another beautiful fountain at Nymphenburg.

In the parc of Nymphenburg.

Ellowyne in Passau. Passau is a city with three rivers : the Inn, the Danube and the Ilz. They all meet at one point in the city, just where Ellowyne is.

The Inn river.

Another vue of the Inn.

At the townhall square.

The Danube.

Ellowyne in the Lake of Constance (August 2008).

Mainau is a little island also known as the island of flowers, as it is a wonderful garden all the year, due to its temperate climate. Conchi (Essential Blonde) was amazed by those beautiful roses.

In Mainau there was a lot of flowers, but also a great variety of grapes.

Conchi wanted to pose with everything in Mainau. Isn't that peacock beautiful ?

In Mainau, admiring the landscape.

Oh, a snake !

Charming flower.

Admiring the water lilies.

Conchi wanted to climb a tree to see the lake.

Among flowers in Mainau.

On the boat.

There are forests and very beautiful places all around the lake.

In the forest.

Again in the forest.

A beautiful view on the top of a fortress.

In the forest.

In Stein am Rein, a beautiful village with medieval houses.

Interesting herons.

A beautiful and old fountain in Stein Am Rhein.

Could it be a Prince ?.

Conchi visits a cloister in Stein Am Rhein.


Climbing the ramparts of Überlingen.

Morning breathe.

Another beautiful garden in Überlingen.

No ennui today.

We went to another island called Reichenau, in the lake of Constance, known as the island of vegetables.

Among flowers in a beautiful garden in Reichenau.

The fairy of the forest.

Ellowyne in Munich (August 2008).

The city hall.

A stroll in the city.

Souvenirs shop.

If you go to Munich you have to stroke the nose of the lions of the Residence Palace to have good luck.

Along the streets of Munich.

Conchi was amazed by the wonderfull dirndls she saw, the folk costumes of Bavaria.

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