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Ellowyne Wilde in Austria.

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Ellowyne in Vienna, August 2008.

Alasne (Woe and Whipped Cream) visits Schönbrunn Palace. Here she is in the Great Gallery. She is wearing "Rococo", a dress and coat I made using an adaptation of Magalie Dawson pattern "Frous Frous".

In front of the palace.

Conchi (Essential Blonde) also wanted to be there.

The Neptune fountain, at Schönbrunn.

The Great Parterre, at Schönbrunn. Conchi is wearing "Alone Again", from Wilde Imagination.

The Gloriette in Schönbrunn gardens.

Conchi in the streets of Vienna. She is wearing "Oh my goth !" from Wilde Imagination.

Ellowyne wanted to visit Freud's House. She thought she would have something interesting to tell to Dr. Bantam. She is wearing "Ennui at tea" from Wilde Imagination.

Visit to Sissi's Palace.

At the City Hall.

In the street. Estrella is wearing "Flowers and Butterflies", a dress I made for her. The butterflies are made of lace and come from Bruges (Belgium)

At the Doll House Museum.

Ellowyne in Carinthe, August 2008.

Through the window of the car.

Gross Glockner Mountain.

Conchi met Empress Elisabeth, also known as Sissi.

Looking at the sky.

Friends ?

A break.

A beautiful view over the valley.

Oh how sweet !

Among pretty flowers.


Conchi visits Klagentfurt's cathedral.

A nice view of Klagentfurt from the top of a tower.

Sitting on the floor, on a mosaic that represents the emblem of the city.

Ellowyne in Salzbourg, August 2008.

What a nice dirndl!

In front of the house where Mozart was born. Look at her Teddy Bear, he is dressed as Mozart.

We visited the greatest shop of painted eggs. There were thousands of marvellous eggs!

Aren't these eggs just wonderful?

We also visited a great shop where they are selling christmas items all the year, even in august!

In the street.


The Danube.

Estrella (Nevermore) visits the concert hall where Mozart used to play when he was in Salzbourg. The painting on the walls are from the eiteenth century. Ellowyne is wearing "Flowers and Butterflies", a dress I made for her.

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