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Ellowyne Wilde in Great Britain

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In London, april 2011.

Walking around the streets of London.

In front of Liberty, the famous fabric shop.

The Tower Bridge.

Big Ben !

Westminster Abbey.

Each time we visit London, Ellowyne wants to shop in Harrods.

Inside Harrods.

It was a very sunny weekend, and it was a pleasure walking in the parks, here Green Park.

Buckingham Palace.

Posing in a fountain in front of Buckingham Palace. It was just a week before William and Kate's wedding.

Another nice park : St James.

We saw a lot of squirrels there.

Waterloo bridge.

And finally our favorite park in London : Regent's Park.

Wow, I love London !

In Jersey island, summer 2011.

Walking around the streets of Jersey.

As everybody know Ellowyne loves music.

At the market.

The church.

The harbour.

In Edimburgh, april 2011.

In Edinburgh, we visited the palace of Holyroodhouse, where the Queen uses to stay when she is in Scotland.

In the gardens of the Palace.

Here posing with the picture of the Queen's marriage.

We also had a lot of fun at the romantic ruin of 12th-century Holyrood Abbey.


What is she doing ?

You won't believe it but even tourists where fascinated by Ellowyne's games. This one asked the permission to photograph them.

And of course there was also time for sighs.

We also visited the Camera Obscura, the museum of illusions. Here a view from the top of the building.

The museum of illusions was a lot fun. Ellowyne morphed into a monkey...

... she had a vision about how she would look like old

... and if you ever had wanted to know what she look like when she was 10, here is a pic:

... and here morphed into a manga

Walking through the streets of Edinburgh was a delight with all these charming shops full of tartan scarves, skirts, cashmere pullovers etc.

Ellowyne posing in front of the Edinburg Castle.

In St Andrews, april 2011.

Ellowyne felt in love with all the flourished trees of S Andrews. There were many and stunning.

The fact is that everything in St Andrews seemed to us beautiful...

... and peaceful.

On the background, on the left the ruins of the cathedral and on the right side the ruins of the castle.

Looking for seals. We were told that sometimes it is possible to see them there.

Ah ! the flowers of Scotland! There were thousands, everywhere !

St Andrews was the ecclesiastical capital of Scotland before the reformation and that's the reason why St Andrews cathedral was the most important cathedral in Scotland. Constructed between 1160 and 1318, the cathedral fell into disuse in the 1550's following the Reformation and many of its stones were removed in the 17th century to construct other buildings in the town.

Ellowyne found those ruins very romantic !

She spent a long time lying there and thinking about life and death and that sort of things !

There was also an old cimetery there.

And of course there were also a lot of joncquils as everywhere in Scotland.

St Andrews is a stunning medieval city. The castle, built in approximately 1400 served as a fortress and even as prison but fell into ruin in the 17th century.

Ellowyne at the entrance of the castle.

Admiring the ruins of the castle.

Ellowyne had fun climbing on the stones of the castle.

Finally she decided to rest and enjoy the sun, the flowers and the sky.

So British !

A stroll around the city.

Spring in Scotland.

St Andrews is also the city were Prince William and Kate met and there were a lot of souvenirs everywhere.

A very nice day.

Ellowyne also visited Wests Sands, the beach where several scenes from the film "Chariots of fire" were filmed.

Playing with her Scottish Terrier on Wests Sands.

On the background : St Andrews.

At the University: St Andrews is Scotland's first university and the third oldest in the English-speaking world, founded in 1413.

There is also a very important thing you must do if you go to St Andrews : playing golf.

My Ell and her friends Ness, Timmy and Victoria met to play golf at the famous Old Course.

My friend Nic made the golf bags, clubs and balls and I made the outfits for the girls.

Ellowyne, ready to play.

Ness and Timmy together as always.

And here she is playing.

Here we can admire Victoria playing.

Another picture of Victoria.

They all had a lot of fun.

They wanted to pose for posterity.

Then they decided to visit the Golf Museum at St Andrews were are displayed amazing golf objects, from the first prize of The Open presented in 1869 to the club used by winners of the Caret Jug today. The first reference to golf at St Andrews was in 1552. In 1754 the St andrews Society of Golfers was formed to compete in it's own annual competition.

Of course, by this time golfers were using proper clubs and balls. Club heads were made from beech or the wood of fruit trees such as apple. Some club heads for were made from hand-forged iron. Shafts were usually ash or hazel. Balls were made from tightly compressed feathers wrapped in a stitched horse hide sphere. The sport was somewhat exclusive due to the expense of the handcrafted equipment. After 1826, perimmon and hickory were imported from the USA to make club heads and shafts respectively. Here making the balls.

Ellowyne posing with a vintage bag.

The prize !

They decided to play again, but it sounds Ness'love for Timmy can't let her to be very fair !

In Dundee, april 2011.

In Dundee, we visited the Royal Research Ship Discovery that went in 1901 for the first time to Antartica. Nothing was known about the Antartica before, it was still an uncharted wilderness, so that expedition that had scientific purpose allowed to make a map and gave a lot of informations about that continent.

Ellowyne decided to live that adventure again with her friends.

Making preparations and provisions : here a flock of sheep, a gift from the farmers of New Zealand.

On board.

The three girls helped with evrything, here cooking.

They even had to learn how to make knots.

Here with the crew.

They also had a lot of fun playing.

When they arrived they helped again.


It was really very cold.

What a great adventure !

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