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Happy Halloween!

My Tale Tell Heart (2010 issue)

Ellowyne Wilde during the Holy Week in Spain.

Adrift is dressed with the traditional black costume that women use during the Holy Week for the processions. It is a great tradition in Spain, in particular in Andalusia. (I used different pieces of Ellowyne's original outfits from Wilde Imagination)

The Virgin who is just behing Ellowyne is called "Virgen de las Penas" that is "Virgin of Sorrows".

Ellowyne Wilde in Halloween, 2008

Just another Year and Sybil.

"Just another Year" Ellowyne wearing her original outfit from Wilde Imagination.

Close up.

Ellowyne at the cemetery with Sybil.

Spanish Folklore

Lidia (Now What) is wearing a tipical Spanish costume I made for her.

Lidia visits a museum about traditions in Málaga (Spain). Here she is in the patio of the museum.

Another picture in the patio of the museum.

Lidia in a reconstruction of a kitchen of the nineteenth century.

Lidia and the bougainvillea of the patio.

Working through the museum.

Lidia looking at antique dolls of the museum.

Behind Lidia there is an antique poster of women wearing traditional costumes.

Happy New Year 2008

All my girls wish you all a Happy New Year. From left to right, Clotilde, Victoria and Mariana.

Clotilde is wearing "Black and White Chocolate", a knitted gown trimmed with lace I made for her.

Clotilde, close up

Mariana is wearing "Moon dust", a gown I made using Magalie Dawson's pattern "Robe nuage".

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