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Ellowyne Wilde in France

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In the Basque Country, january 2011.

At the beach, in Biarritz.

Admiring the ocean.






Walking around Biarritz


Close up

In St Jean de Luz.

In St Jean de Luz.

In St Jean de Luz.

In front of the Cathedral in Bayonne.

The cloister of the cathedral.

The river in Bayonne.

In Toulouse, summer 2011.

In front of the Basilica St. Sernin which is the largest preserved Romanesque church in Europe.

Inside the Basilica.

Walking around the city.

A nice shop.

In the Cathedral.

The Jacobin cloister, founded by the Dominicans in the in the thirteenth century, is made ​​entirely of brick. Here lies the theologian and philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas.

A mirror reflects the ceiling of the monastery and gives to Ellowyne the impression of hovering.

Ellowyne at a wedding in France.

I have made a video with the pictures, clic the image below to see it on Youtube.

In Saint Malo, Brittany, summer 2011.

The heart of Saint Malo is the ancient walled citadel with stone ramparts that circle the entire old town.

Often the sea is a deep emerald green shimmering around the stone walls.

Saint Malo's heart beats to the rythm of the tides, Ellowyne's heart too.

Heavily bombed in 1944 and 80% destroyed, Saint-Malo was lovingly restored stone by stone.

Ellowyne breathing the flavour of Saint Malo.

The tides of Saint Malo are the highest and the lowest tides in Europe, they uncover the bay twice a day. The sunsets are breathtaking.

From the islet "Grand Bé", you have a spectacular view of Saint Malo.

The "Grand Bé" is the burial place of the famous writer Chateaubriand.

Stones, rocks, sea : a wild landscape where Ellowyne feels at home.

Here posing in front of the restaurant of the hotel where we were staying.

By the 17th century, the town was famous for its privateers. The city still carries the imprint of those men who made its history. Ellowyne was very impressed.

A stroll along the beach.

On the background, the moon.

In Dinard, Brittany, July 2011.

Here posing with hydrangeas.

Dinard was a fishing village but at the end of the 19th century it was considered to be France's number 1 seaside resort and was the place to be seen by the rich and the famous.

Another photo of the beach in Dinard.

A stroll along the "Promenade du Clair de Lune" (Moonlight walk).

It was a real pleasure to admire the sea.

Here in Dinard too.

In Dinan, Brittany, July 2011.

Here posing in front of the river Rance.

Dinan is a beautiful medieval city.

Dinan's castle, built at the end of the fourteenth century.

Another picture of the river in Dinan.

In Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, July 2011.

The Mont Saint Michel is a rocky islet in the bay of Mont Saint Michel in the English Channel.

The tides in the area change quickly and have been described by Victor Hugo "as swiftly as a galloping horse".

The islet is toped by a Gothic abbey built in the 13th century.

The abbey is a Unesco World heritage site. Here the cloister.

In the cloister of the abbey.

The abbey has a lot of stained glass windows and for Ellowyne it was a pleasure to look through them.

The first chapel was founded in 708 by Aubert, Bishop of Avranches.

Visiting this abbey was a whole experience for Ellowyne.

She has enjoyed every detail of the abbey...

...and particularly the light coming through the windows.

It was a very nice day.

In Versailles, July 2011.

We visited The Versailles Palace which is one of the most beautiful achievements of 18th century French art. Here the Abundance Salon. On evening soirees, the Abundance Salon was the place of refreshments, where a buffet served coffee, wine and liqueurs. It was also the antechamber of the Cabinet of Curiosities of Louis XIV. The king liked to show his distinguished guests the silverware vases, gems and medals which were kept here.

The Mars Salon : this large room was originally meant to serve as the guard room for the parade apartment. It was later reserved, at evening soirees, for music and dancing, so that it was commonly known as the "ballroom".

Ellowyne posing in front of one of the many fireplaces of the Palace.

Here posing in front of the King's bed in the King's Chamber. It was in this chamber, that Louis XIV lunched and the ceremonies of the King’s rising and retiring took place every day. It was likewise in this chamber that Louis XIV died on 1 September 1715 after reigning for 72 years.

Ellowyne posing in front of the Queen's bed in the Queen's Chamber where the Queen spent most of her time. She slept here, often joined by the King. In the morning, she received here during and after her Toilette, which constituted a Court event as regulated by etiquette as the Lever du Roi [Rising of the King]. It was here, too, that births took place in public: nineteen "Children of France" were born here.

The Hall of Mirrors was used daily by courtiers and visitors for passing through, waiting and for meeting people. It was only used for ceremonies on exceptional occasions, when sovereigns wanted to lend splendour to diplomatic receptions, or distractions on the occasion of princely weddings : the wedding celebrations of the Duke of Burgundy, grandson of Louis XIV, in 1697, of the son of Louis XV in 1745 and the masked ball for the wedding of Marie-Antoinette and the Dauphin, the future Louis XVI, in May 1770. It was also here that the treaty of Versailles was signed on 28th June 1919, which sealed the end of the First World War. Since then, the presidents of the Republic of France continue to receive the official hosts of France here.

Ellowyne lost one of the sandals I made for her when visiting the Palace. I wonder if she did it on purpose to be find by a prince.

Posing in front of Latona fountain which is inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses. It illustrates the legend of Apollo’s mother and Diana protecting her children against the insults of the peasants of Lycia, and calling on Jupiter to avenge them. He heard their plea and transformed them into frogs and lizards.

In front of the Apollo fountain that represents Apollo on his charriot. It is inspired by the legend of Apollo, the Sun gold and emblem of the king.

In Paris, July 2011.

Place du Tertre, a few streets away from the Sacré-Coeur basilica, is the heart of Montmartre. Many painters settle there and propose to paint your portrait.

There are also a lot of cafés in the area.

Walking around Montmartre

Posing with the famous parisian "macarons". They are delicious !

Retro posters.

Dancing in front of the Moulin Rouge !

And now the subway.

A walk along the Seine in the evening.

Paris by night !

The Quartier Latin in Paris is known for its student life, lively atmosphere and bistros.

At the Opera.

In Paris, Paris Fashion Doll Festival 2011.

Ellowyne went to Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Doll Festival. The first day we visited the Renaissance Museum in Ecouen, near Paris.

Inside the museum.

Another picture taken at this museum.

The museum is a castle built in 1538 by Montmorency. Here Ellowyne looking through the window.

The museum has a great collection of enamelled objects.

Posing outside the museum.

The second day was Ellowyne Tea event. Ellowyne La Mélancolique du château was the doll of this event. She arrived with a little girl dressed with the same outfit.

La Mélancolique du Château posing with Robert Tonner.

La Mélancolique du Château visits Paris, here Notre-Dame.

The Seine river.

Another view of the Seine.

Posing in front of the City Hall.

Here at the hotel where the convention took place.

Her favorite bridge in Paris.

Here Place de la Concorde.

Posing with Robert Tonner. She is wearing the cosmonaut suit my friend Nic made for her.

In Jura, january 2011.

Ellowyne in Métabief, a nice village where you can ski.

Ellowyne An Empty Thrill, close up.

We don't have snow where we live, so admiring the snow was a lot of pleasure itself. She is wearing a knitted outfit I made for her.

Close up

Ellowyne wanted to learn skiing but it sounds it is not so easy. She is wearing an Irish sweater made by Cécile.

Ellowyne spent a lot of time on the snow, suffuring ennui as always.

Ellowyne Wigged Out Two, wearing an Antoinette outfit.

She found a wonderful place to sigh.

She even got some energy to visit a village nearby, called Saint-Antoine where there was a washing place from 1918.

We also visited Besançon, a beautiful city well known for its fortified citadel. She is wearing a knitted outfit I made for her.

Here posing with the city of Besançon in the background.

And here looking for elfs.

Back to Métabief, all dressed up, but... you know.

All that snow !

She was desperately looking for ...?

...happiness ?

Finally she did find a great moment of hapiness : ice skating on a completely iced lake. She is wearing a knitted outif I made for her.

An Empty Thrill and Wigged Out Too together.

In Dijon, january 2011.

Ellowyne also went to Dijon, here posing at Place de la République. Ellowyne is wearing a litle cape and a hat, gifts from Cécile and made by her.

In Paris, autumn 2010.

Ellowyne went to Paris to an important meeting: French speaking fans of her !

They all met at the Paris Doll Museum (Here Ellowyne "A day of Ennui".

At the museum they had a lot of fun admiring dolls.

Then she went to Disneyland. (Here Ellowyne "A bon voyage ? with repainted eyes)

Ellowyne posing with the gourds at Disneyland.

At Disneyland, in front of the fairy castle.

At Disneyland, looking at giant cups of tea.

Ellowyne as Alice in the labyrinth

Trying to see Jack Sparrow.

She couldn't find him but found a treasure.

Then she had fun at the small world.

It was a great day at disneyland, even if from time to time she was feeling ennui.

Then, Ellowyne visited Paris. Here posing in front of the Law Courts.

Finally she decided to rest at Luxembourg Garden.

This park was purchased in 1612 by Marie de Medicis, mother of Louis XIII.

She found a marvellous fountain in the park called "Fontaine de Médicis". it is a romantic baroque fountain designed in 1624.

Walking around the park.

This park is really nice in autumn and it is one of the most popular parks of Paris.

Bye bye Paris !

In Montgenèvre, in the Alps, summer 2009.

Essential Too, Raven

In the forest.

Lost in the flowers.

Ellowyne finally found the energy to climb.

Am I in the Paradise ?

A beautiful view.

Dreaming beside a creek.

Looking for fairies.

Sometimes I wish to be a drop.

A little pine.

Admiring the flowers.

In Briançon, a city near there.

In Paris.

Patricia (Paris Blue)

The Seine.

A beautiful bridal gown. I love this picture with the trees reflecting on the shop show window.

It was a windy day.

A nice old restaurant.

At the Quartier Latin.

Notre-Dame, the cathedral.

Everybody knows now that Ellowyne loves fountains.

Spring is almost here.

At the hotel. Ellowyne is wearing her original outfit from Wilde Imagination.

In the bathroom.

Bonjour Paris.

Ready for the first day in Paris

A walk in Paris.

A beautiful garden.

Among old books and pictures .

Walking along the Seine.

Les bouquinistes.

Boulevard Saint-Michel.

Looking for a restaurant.

Another garden.

Notre-Dame cathedral.

The carroussel.

A beautiful square.


A beautiful fountain.

Les Halles.

Les Halles again.

Mariana (Wigged Out Ellowyne) in Strasbourg (winter 2007)

At the top of the cathedral. It was snowing that day.

At the Alsace Museum, in Strasbourg. She is wearing "Winter Roses", a coat I have designed for her.

Mariana loved all the Christmas decorations we saw.

Mariana in Colmar (winter 2007)

Mariana felt in love with all the medieval houses of Colmar.

Can you see the little bears playing in one of the roofs ? Isn't Colmar a beautiful city ?

Ellowyne in Paris, august 2007.

Paris by night.

Ellowyne telling her ennui to a bird, on the bridge Alexandre III.

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