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Ellowyne Wilde in Norway

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In Oslo, august 2009.

Save Me Ellowyne

The harbour.

On guard at the Royal Palace.

At the Folk Museum.

Inside an old church, at the Folk Museum.

At the Viking Ship Museum.

In Bodo and surroundings, august 2009.

At the Aerospace Museum, in Bodo.

Traditional wooden houses, in Kjerringoy.

Posing with flowers, in Kjerringoy.

Dreamy landscape in Kjerringoy.

Admiring Svart-Isen Glacier.

Among flowers, at Svart-Itsen Glacier.

Norway is also the land of rainbows. We saw a lot of them.

Reflections in the Rago National Park.

In the Rago National Park.

In Lofoten Islands, august 2009.

In the marvellous Lofoten Islands, the land of clouds, wind and magic.

Lofoten Islands should be called Melancholy Islands.

In Lofoten Islands, the landscapes are dramatically beautiful.

Ellowyne felt like a fairy in these dreamy islands.

In Bergen, august 2009.

Wooden houses from several centuries ago.

In the garden of a palace.

Looking for trolls.

Ellowyne finally met a lot of trolls. One of them even felt in love with her. She found that very funny.

Looking for souvenirs.

A church at the top of a hill.

We had also a lot of fun with the funicular. The view was wonderful.

Posing in front of a beautiful door.

The harbour.

Rain and melancholy, at the hotel.

Ellowyne and her dollie, both modeling a folk costume.

From Flam to Myrdal, august 2009.

In front of the railway station at the picturesque village Flam, in the Aurlandsfjord.

The Flam Railway is one of Norway's major and most spectacular tourist attractions. On the 20 km-long train ride you can see rivers that cut through deep ravines, waterfalls cascade down the side of steep, snow-capped mountains and mountain farms cling dizzily to sheer slopes. Here, Ellowyne posing in front of the train.

The train makes a photo stop at the beautiful Kjosfossen cascade.

On the way back, from Myrdal to Bergen, there was a little troll near there who decided to accompany Ellowyne in the train.

The Sognefjord, august 2009.

The Sognefjord is Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. It lies in the middle of Fjord Norway and stretches more than 200 kilometres inwards to the foot of the Jotunheimen Mountain. The landscape is said to be one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. .

In fact, there are no words to describe fjords. A picture is worth a thousand words.

On the plane, Ellowyne was recalling her trip to Norway with sighs. Click the image to see the video of her memories on Youtube.

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