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Ellowyne Wilde in Spain


Ellowyne in Basque Country.

Ellowyne has travelled to the Basque country: Bilbao and San Sebastian in Spain and ST Jean de Luz, St Jean Pied de Port, Bayonne and Biarritz in France. I have made a video with the pictures, click below to see it.

Ellowyne Wilde in Madrid (summer 2010).

Ellowyne "Chills" visits Madrid.

Madrid has big avenues and famous places like this one: Plaza Mayor.

Chills posing at the Royal Palace.

Here in the garden of the palace.

A walk around the old streets.

Chills loves old shops like this one.

Purchasing souvenirs for her friends.

And this is her favourite shop in Madrid : dolls !

Resting in El Retiro Park.

The Cristal Palace in El Retiro Park.

Enjoying the fountains of the park.

Ellowyne Wilde in Ibiza Island (summer 2010).

Ellowyne "Chills" visits Ibiza, a Spanish Island in the Mediterranean Sea, covered with pine trees and surrounded by turquoise waters.

There, we met a great friend, Nic, and "Chills" spent hours talking with "Brunette" (Nic's Ell).

Brunette show the island to Chills. Here a beautiful white house in Santa Eulalia.

Both had a lot of fun.

They became great friends and were together at all times. Here in Ibiza city.

Chills admiring the vue from the fortress in Ibiza City.

The girls put their hands in the handprints of famous people and felt... stars themselves.

They visited too another island nearby called Formentera and had fun tanning...

...and diving.

They convinced me to try too and here I am (in the center of the pic) with my doll in hand.

Chills found a wonderful red starfish and thought that diving was a good escape from ennui.

The girls had such a nice holidays in Ibiza, it was hard to leave!

Ellowyne Wilde in Huelva (Andalusia).

Doñana Park (Almonte)

"A Bon Voyage ?" Ellowyne visits the National Park called "Doñana" (May 2010).

Walking along the path.

Spring is wonderful here.

There are a lot of huts to observe birds.

Ellowyne loves Nature...

... And animals love her.

She had fun climging the trees.

Among daisies.

Then we went to El Rocio, a little village where every year takes place a famous religious festivity.

A street of El Rocio. As thousands of people come to this festivity by horse, the floor of the streets is not paved.

Finally we went to Palos de la Frontera, starting point of the voyage of Cristopher Columbus to America. We first visited the Monastery of La Rabida, from the 15th century, where Columbus lived when he was preparing his first travel to América. Here the patio.

Columbus was helped by the monks of this Monastery.

The cloister of this monastery is magnificent.

Ellowyne spent a long time admiring the cloister.

Ellowyne posing with a portrait of Queen "Isabel la Catolica" from the 19th century.

After the visit of the monastery, we went to the point where Columbus begun his long trip, where there are reproductions of the three boats he used in 1492.

Ellowyne, remembering that her own name is "A Bon Voyage ?" made her best to help columbus.

Land in sight !

And finally, the arrival.

Ellowyne in Málaga, where we live.

The Fortress "Gibralfaro".

Elena (Essential Brunette) visits the fortress of the forteenth century, called "Castillo de Gibralfaro" (Mai 2008). Here she is seated on a wall of the fortress that overlooks the bay.

Another view of Málaga from the fortress.

And another view of the city.

Seated on an orange tree.

Among thyme.

Admiring the cypress trees.

Inside the fortress, Elena poses with a soldier of the seventeenth century.

Elena posing on one of the guns of the fortress.

A beautiful view over the bay.

The "Alcazaba".

Ellowyne visits the Alcazaba (April 2008), a palace-fortress of the Moslem rulers of the city. It dates from the eleventh century.

Among flowers.

At the Alcazaba.

Walking around the Alcazaba.

A beautiful fountain in one of the patios of the Alcazaba.

Seated in the fountain.

Ellowyne just loves fountains.

In the patio of the Alcazaba.

A view of the city.

Again in the patio.

Looking through the lattice.

Another patio, called the "Patio de la Alberca".

Ellowyne visits the exhibition about Moslem ceramics and pottery which is inside the Alcazaba Palace.

Resting in the patio.

A stroll in the city.

Ellowyne and Hans Christian Andersen, Málaga, november 2007.

Ellowyne at the gardens that are near the moorish castle, Málaga, november 2007.

Ellowyne in Benalmadena.

Estrella (Nevermore) posing with the yatchs of Puerto Marina.

Looking at the fishes.

A walk in Puerto Marina.

>At the restaurant.

The sea.

Ellowyne in Sevilla.

Gaudi (Lingering Doubt) posing in a very well known street of Sevilla called Sierpe.

Gaudi just loves carriages. Behind is the cathedral.

The monument called Giralda, it was originally the minaret of a Mosque and was buit on the 12th century.

The cathedral of the 15th century. It is the biggest gothic cathedral of the world.

In the Alcázar Real, a castle which began its construction in the 10th century.

Gaudi posing in front of a tapestry in the Alcázar Real.

In the gardens of the Alcázar Real.

Another picture in the gardens.

Glazed tiles at the Palace of the King don Pedro.

At the Palace of the King Don Pedro (14th century).

The Golden Tower (La Torre del Oro), built at the beginning of the 13th century.

The Guadalquivir river.

Looking for some shade in the María Luisa Park.

Again in the María Luisa Park.

A square called "Plaza de España" built for the Latin-American Exhibition of 1929. It was used as a setting for one of the the "StarWars" film .

At Plaza de España, in front of one of the ornaments made of glazed tiles that represent the different provinces of Spain.

The district of Santa Cruz.

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