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Swap organized by the French Forum "Le Manoir d'Ellowyne", in Autumn 2010.

This year, there was a theme to choose. Loulou, my swap partner choose Alice in Wonderland as theme. Here is what she and her dolls sent:

Ellowyne received a very nice card signed by a fairy called Manon (I have to say that the card was chosen by Charlie) who told her that she was lost in the Land of Those Who Cannot Dream Anymore. For that reason this little fairy, helped by many others (Margaux, Lola, Winnie, Louise, Luna, Sarah, Ayumi, Penny, Charlie, Dotty and Loulou) sent a lot of things, with magic power that will help Ellowyne to go back to Wonderland. Ellowyne read the card several times, but wasn't sure to have understood everything.

Suddlenly, a rabbit appeared and gave her two keys (gifts from the fairy Louise), these keys can open doors of very strange worlds he said and he left without any explanation. So she run after him, keys in hand, and, it was incredible, she came into a universe with enchanted flowers. What Ellowyne didn't know is the grass itself with all those beautiful white and yellow flowers was a gift from the fairy Loulou. Her dress also was different : while she was reading the card, the dress that was made with a plain fabric got a lot of storybook characters. This dress was a gift from the fairy Margaux. And did you see the boots ? they are also magic, it is a gift from the fairy Lola.

The rabbit decided suddenly he had to stop and drink a cup of tea. He took out a wonderful tea service painted with cute little flowers and declared it was also a gift for her, from the fairy Sarah. Ellowyne was more and more astonished and didn't see that she had a new slide in the hair. It was a magic slide given by the fairy Winnie, to make her dance on the road. Winnie knew that Ellowyne was often sad, for that reason she had sent 16 slides of different colors, but as they were magic, she needed just one.

Ellowyne continued, dancing, and arrived in a strange meadow where they were two huge books. One of them was "Storybook Costumes for dolls". Oh my ! what a wonderfull book ! Not only it has a lot of pictures of dolls dressed as storybook characters, but also all the patterns to make them. Ellowyne, being a doll collector who loves sewing for her dolls was in the heaven ! This book was a gift from the fairy Penny. The other book, "Dollybird, volume 14" seemed to her even more wonderful, with a lot of incredible pictures of dolls dressed as Alice in Wonderland, and of course patterns to make those outfits. This book was a gift from the fairy Ayumi, it comes directly from Japan. Oh and what is that ? a T-shirt ? Is it magic too ?

Ellowyne couldn't reply to this question (in fact the T-shirt wasn't magic but it was also for her even if she didn't know, it was a gift from the fairy Loulou). A few minutes later she met a real strange character : a caterpillar who was smoking an oriental pipe while his socks were drying between the books she had seen before. The fairy Luna had have the good idea of giving the caterpillar this pipe in order he would tell to Ellowyne the secrets to continue her trip. And here is what the caterpillar told to Ellowyne : "I knew you would com, look, it is all written in this book. You are going to meet many people : a bad queen of hearts, a mad hatter and others but don't forget the most important : if you want to find Wonderland, you must simply believe in it !".

Swap organized by the French Forum "Le Manoir d'Ellowyne", in Spring 2009.

Here are some of the goodies I found in the package that Nicolette sent me.

Nicolette also sent three outfits she made for my Ells. Here is "Un été au Mexique" modeled by Red, White and Very Blue Ellowyne.

Close up

Here is "Jardins andalous" modeled by Tiny Expectation Ellowyne.


Close up

Here is "Pierre précieuse" modeled by Essential Too Ellowyne, brunette.

Showing the back of the dress.

Close up.

Where is my mirror ?.

Thank you Nicolette.

Now guess who is making the drawing ?

What a great succes!

Swap organized by the French Forum "Le Manoir d'Ellowyne", in Spring 2008.

Florence sent a hat handmade by her and a matching bag. (I made the dress to fit them). It is modeled by Essential Ellowyne, brunette, repainted.


Back of the hat. Thank you Florence.

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