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Ellowyne Wilde in Switzerland

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Ellowyne in Bern (January 2011)

What a beautiful city !

Ellowyne Wigged Out Too, walking around the city.

Watching the ducks.

It was cold but Ellowyne was happy ! She is wearing a knitted outfit I made for her.

Ellowyne felt in love with the little shops of Bern.

Ellowyne in Geneva (August 2009)

Ellowyne Save Me admiring the lake.

We visited the United Nations in Geneva.

Posing in front of UN.

Here inside.

Ellowyne in Neuchatel (August 2009)

Walking around the city.


Ellowyne in Yverdon (August 2009)

Yverdon is a nice little city located by the Neuchatel lake. Ellowyne had fun looking for frogs.

Walking through the city of Yverdon.

A beautifl square.

We visited a nice museum, here is Ellowyne resting near the window.

There was a lot of interesting things at the museum. As everybody knows, Ellowyne loves piano.

In the courtyard of the museum.

In the surroundings of Yverdon.

Conchi in The Rhine Falls (August 2008)

To watch the video, click on the play button.

The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls of Europe. They are located in northern Switzerland.

The Rhine Falls are 450 ft wide and 75 ft high, Conchi (Essential blonde) was very impressed.

Just couldn't stop looking at the falls. Conchi is wearing "Endangered Species" from Wilde Imagination.

Ellowyne in Luzern (December 2007)

Mariana loves all the lakes, particularly the one of Luzern with its medieval bridge. Here she is wearing "Alone again" and the cape of "Highland Lows"

Mariana in Zermatt (December 2007)

At the top of the mountain, at 10.000 feet of altitude and a temperature of 16ºF. Mariana is wearing a ski outfit from Tonner ("Ski retreat Sydney Chase") I have customized for her.

Mariana was a little affraid by the ravens, but finally they became friends. She is wearing "Ski in Switzerland", a knitted outfit I made for her.

Mariana in Zurich (December 2007)

A walk around the city. Mariana is wearing "Weekend in Zurich", an outfit I made specially for that occasion.

A walk in the forest, near Zurich. Mariana is wearing "Yellowstone's lichens", a knitted coat and dress I made for her.

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