Inma's Doll Collection

Fairyland BJD


I have been working for Bonnie, my darling Pukifee. Here are the outfits and the shoes I've made for her:

The outfits are made from kits from Jessica Hamilton of Dollproject.

Another dress from those kits.

Oh a snake !

A stroll in the forest.

Bonnie as Alice.

The other dress from the Alice kit. The shoes are made following a tutorial by

Jessica of Dollproject

This outfit was made by

Angel Garden by Chilly

Bonnie is a resin BJD and is about 6" tall. She is a Pukifee, mine is the full package "Bonnie Sweet Bunny".

Bonnie is an elf girl and feels happy in the forest.

She likes to observe insects.

And insects like her too.

She has a lot of energy.

But she also likes to rest and admire the sky.

Bonnie leaves in a tree, well in fact she feels at home in all the trees.

She also loves flowers.

She spends part of the day smelling the flowers...

...or sleeping in a tree branch.

You can see her also near fountains...

... or near a waterfall.

She is really very curious

Who me ?

But sometimes she feels alone and would like to have a friend.

She thinks a friend would be funny.

Being an elf, she just loves mist

She is convinced she will find a friend in a misty day.

For that reason, Bonnie always go for a walk when there is mist.

And you know what ? she loves the sea, but only goes to the beach where there is nobody to see her.

Once she found a starfish, wow, how nice !

Will Bonnie finally find the friend she is looking for ?

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