Inma's Doll Collection

Four Kindergartner dolls

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Mia is a a multijointed vinyl doll, 8 inch tall, with 21 articulations. She is from a serie of four dolls who represent little girls from different families and nationalities going to the same kindergarden. She is modeling her original outfit.

Mia has a twin, Miki. Their father is from Malaysia and their mother from Japan. At school, they often organize events where the children are dressed representing their country. Mia often choose to wear clothes inspired in malasian outfits.

Here modeling an outfit I made for her.

Her Teady bear.

Mia with a new wig.

Mia modeling an outfit from Ruby Red Galleria.

Mia wears a dress I made for her.

Mia and Pumpkin (from the Five Crops serie): they are both modeling a knitted top and jacket I made for them, following a pattern by La fee Lutine


Mia shows her shoe collection (I have made most of them) to Pumpkin.

She invites Pumpkin to choose a pair.

Pumpkin is very happy.

Ishara is another doll of this serie. Her parents are from India, it's the reason why she offen choose to wear outfits inspired in the culture of this country.

Modeling her original outfit.

Her grandmother gave her a cloth bird, which is a symbol of the forest spirit, to protect her.

Miki is another doll of this serie. She is Mia's twin.

Miki has a friend, a baby poney called Cherry Blossom.

Ishara and Miki.

Miki, close up.

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