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You will find here photos of my dolls in Canada.

Quebec city

Elin posing at Place Royale. She is wearing an outfit from Iplehouse.

Another photo taken at Place Royale.

Saint-Louis Street.

Posing in front of a nice shop.

In front of the Saint-Laurent river.

Petit-Champlain Street.

Petit-Champlain Street is a famous street in Quebec city, full of nice little shops.

Posing with the Frontenac Castle in the background.

In front of the Frontenac Castle, the most famous hotel of the city.

Walking around Terrasse-Dufferin Street.

Another nice shop.

In the gardens of Parliament.

A beautiful fountain in the gardens of Parliament.

Elin found a new friend in Quebec.

And another one.

Elin modeling an outfit made by Kuloft.

Here dressed with an elf outfit made following Martha's tutorials (Antique Lilac).


We took a boat from Tadoussac to try to see whales. It was raining and Elin was worried, she wasn't sure whales would like rain !

We first saw seals, a lot of them. Elin was very excited but she was still waiting the whales.

Then whales began to arrive. Nami saw a white Beluga. We even were lucky enough to see a Beluga with her grey baby, unfortunately there are not easy to photograph.

Finally the whales Elin was waiting arrived but it was so difficult to photograph them. Elin wanted a photo with their tail, I got it just when I had decided to give up !

And finally came the sun !

The harbour.

Another picture of the harbour.

Walking around Tadoussac.

The beach.

In front of a well-known hotel in Tadoussac.

Posing in front of a church.


Elin posing in front of Montmorency falls. They are not as wide as Niagara falls but they are higher.

At Montmorency Park. Elin is wearing an outfit I made for her, inspired in First Nations costumes.

She had a lot of fun climbing trees.

Running through the grass was also very fun.


Nami inside a Huron's house.


Elin posing in front of the old harbour.

At a garden near the old harbour.

St Paul Street, old Montreal.

Jacques Quartier Square.

Nami and Elin posing in front of the City Hall. I made their outfits using "My Own Little World" patterns.

A nice fountain.


In front of the Christ Church Cathedral. Nami is wearing an outfit from Iplehouse.

The side of the Cathedral.

A fountain in a courtyard.

Nami impressed by skyscrapers.

Another nice fountain, at Place des Arts.


Nami and Elin looking through the hotel window.

In front of the Biosphere Museum. Elin is modeling an outfit from Iplehouse.

At the wax Museum, posing with Celine Dion.

Nami at the entrance of the Botanical Garden.

Nami at the Japanese garden of the Botanical Garden.

I knew there was a Japanese garden there, it's the reason why I made a kimono for Nami to visit it.

Intrigued by the carps.

The Botanical Garden has also a Chinese garden. Here is Elin posing with a dragon made of paper.

Posing with two Chinese dancers, made of paper too.

At the Chinese garden.

We were very lucky because this year there was also there an event called International Mosaiculture: around 50 stunning works were created by horticulturist-artists from 25 countries and displayed in the garden. Here is Elin posing with lemurs.

Here posing with a moose. She is wearing a costume inspired in Monarch butterflies I made for her. I used Martha's tutorials for the wings and Magalie Dawson's pattern for the dress.

Nami wanted also to pose with the plant sculptures.

Elin and the horses.

Nami in front of a very particular piano.

At the entrance of the Insectarium.

Admiring the Monarch butterflies.

At the garden of the Insectarium, trying to catch Monarch butterflies.

We also visited the Biodôme, a space where were reproduced the ecosystems of the Americas. Here Elin looking at the caimans.

I have made a video too, click the image below to see it.

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