In 1951, the French Magazine "Modes et Travaux" began to sell the doll Françoise, and will publish every month a pattern for her. She is 39 cm tall and is made of celuloid. Today, it's still possible to purchase a repro of this doll at the shop "Modes et Travaux" in París. They are made by the firm Petit Colin.

There are different Françoise. This one has cristal eyes and is wearing a knitted outfit made following the Modes et Travaux pattern of August 1957.

In 1954 was born Michel, Françoise's baby brother. In 1958 Françoise got another sister, Francette. In the picture we can see her with a bathsuit made following the pattern of July 1961.>

Francette (with an original outfit from Modes et Travaux, called Saint-Malo). She has a walk at the Malaga harbour.

In 1959, the family got another memeber, Marie-Françoise. In this picture, se is at the beach with her brother and Françoise. Marie Françoise is modeling a bathsuite (pattern of july 1974). /i>

Ten years later, Jean-Michel was born. In that picture, he is on the beach (pattern of july 1975).

In 1986 Emilie was born. She is wearing an outfit made with the pattern "Balade écossaise" from the book "Les habits d'Émilie", published by Modes et Travaux.

Emilie in India (pattern of Modes et Travaux june 2003).

Emilie in the garden.

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