Inma's Doll Collection

Momoko 2007

You will find here pictures of the Momoko dolls released in 2007 and who belong to my collection.

Silver Crescent Momoko is a Special Edition of Sekugichi. Mine is a young actress who has a lot of succes in TV. She is very influenced by her sister, Tasogare no fiance, who is a great cinema actress.

Silver Crescent is a very open person and also she is very independent. Her main fault is coquetry, but she is so pretty that it is easy to forgive that.

Here is her portrait.

She is wearing a dress made with a pattern from the book "Doll Coordinate Recipe 4".

Silver Crescent putting on her shoes.

A visit to the garden with flamingos.

Could it be a Prince ?.

Wake up Momoko is a special edition from Sekiguchi. She is a dreamer, she loves poetry, music and nature, but above all she loves travelling. For that reason she always try to be in good form.

Wake Up wearing her original outfit from Sekiguchi.

Wake Up modeling an outfit I made for her following a pattern from the book "Doll Coordinate Recipe 3".

Wake Up and Victorian Nature (see 2005 pictures), both with Lolita dresses I made for them.

Slow Smile Trade Momoko modeling her original outfit from Sekiguchi.

Slow Smile Trade, portrait.