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Nancy was born in 1968. She was sculpted by Tino Juan and commercialized by Famosa until 1996. She had a great wardrobe and many accesories.

In 2000, Nancy came back for a few years. She was called "Nancy Colección". This one had a wardrobe based on original outfits or on the fashion of the sixties or the seventies (twentieth century).

Nancy Colección, "Safari Oceanía".

Nancy Colección, "London".

Nancy Colección, "London".

Nancy Colección, Bride.

Nancy Colección, Bride's portrait.

Nancy Colección, "Romántica".

Nancy Communión.

Nancy Colección en el mundo, "Japon", ref. 86922.

Nancy Colección, "Liceo".

Nancy Colección, "Fiesta azul", ref. 86911, without braids.

Nancy Colección, "Fiesta azul", ref. 86911, with braids.

Nancy's trunk.

For Nancy's forthieth anniversary, Famosa made two dolls: one remembering the classic one and wearing a similar outfit to "Fiesta azul" and the new one wearing a matching outfit. In this picture, the classic Nancy looks at the mirror and she is reflected as she is at the present.

Here she is reflected as she was in the past.

Since 2009 new editions of some of the Nancy Coleccion dolls are available again for collectors in limited editions.

Nancy "Blue Jeans" (2009).
Nancy "Blue Jeans"(decoration and picture of the box).

Nancy "Blue Jeans" wearing her original outfit.

Nancy "Blue Jeans" wanted to try Anabella outfit.

Nancy "Blue Jeans", portrait

Nancy "Comunión" (2010).

Nancy "Comunión" wearing her original outfit.

Nancy "Geisha" (2010).
Nancy "Geisha"(decoration and picture of the box), 2010 edition.

Nancy "Geisha" wearing her original outfit.

Nancy "Geisha" and Nancy "Japón"

Nancy stewardess (2010).
Two generations of Nancy dolls, both stewardess wearing their original outfit. From left to right, the first one is a reproduction of Nancy stewardess from 1977. She is wearing an outfit designed by Elio Berhanger in 1972 for Iberia crue. The other doll is wearing an outfit designed by Adolfo Domínguez for Iberia in 2005.

Close up on the repro Nancy.

Close up on the new Nancy.

Nancy Presentación 2011
She is a repro of a Nancy doll released in 1969.

Nancy Ion Fiz, 2011
Her outfit was designed by the designer Ion Fiz.

Nancy Novia, 2011
Nancy as a bride.

Nancy Flamenca, 2012
Nancy is wearing the Spanish folk costume.

Close up.

Nancy Comunión, 2012
She is wearing her original costume.

Close up.

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