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New Nancy

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Nancy was born in 1968. She was sculpted by Tino Juan and commercialized by Famosa until 1996. She had a great wardrobe and many accesories.

Then, a few years later, a new Nancy was born, completely different from the others. Here, Nancy "Colegio".

For Nancy's forthieth anniversary, Famosa made two dolls: one remembering the classic one and wearing a similar outfit to "Fiesta azul" and the new one wearing a matching outfit. In this picture, the classic Nancy looks at the mirror and she is reflected as she is at the present.

Here she is reflected as she was in the past.

Close up on the new Nancy.

Nancy goes for a stroll with her little sister.

A big hug.

Another pic with her sister.

Nancy likes ice skating. Here Nancy "Brillos en la nieve" with her ice skates.

Nancy "Brillos en la nieve" wearing her original outfit.

And here Nancy "Brillos en la nieve" together with Nancy from the forthieth anniversary pack.

Nancy has three wishes: one is to be a fairy.

The second one is is to be a princess.

And the last one is to be a dancer.


Anabella is Nancy's best friend.

Nancy Tales

Nancy as Snow White.

Nancy as Little Red Riding Hood.

Nancy in Wonderland.

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