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Ruby Red Galleria dolls in Germany

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Ten Ping with Lübeck’s Devil at St. Mary’s. As the legend goes, when the first stones of St. Mary were laid, the devil believed that this building would be a wine bar and he helped the workers because he liked the idea but when he realized it wasn't going to be a wine bar, he wanted to destroy the building. They had to promise they would build one for him in the neighbourhood.

Ten Ping and Yu Ping pose with the model of the Holsten Gate.

In front of the cloister of the cathedral.

A beautiful fountain.


Yu Ping and Ten Ping at the seaside.

Yu Ping and Ten Ping at the seaside.


Posing in front of Ludwigslust castle.

Look at that !

Walking around the gardens.

A frog and a castle.

I am happy !

Amazing !

Exploring the forest.

What an adventure !

And now, what is that ?

Yu Ping, don't go further !

Magic moment.

Mecklemburg Vorpommern

Yu Ping and Ten Ping relaxing in Malchow.

Gigi and Ten Ping playing in the trees.

Walking around the lake.

Ten Ping, Gigi and Yu Ping.

Ten Ping and Gigi around Zislow.

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