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Rufus Rutter

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As everybody know, Rufus is always thinking of Ellowyne. He spends most of his life daydreaming about Ellowyne.

He likes to imagine he has become a famous painter painting lovely portraits of...

...Ellowyne, of course.

Whatever he paints, Ellowyne is in his paintings.

Whatever he does, Ellowyne is in his mind.

But what he prefers is to dream he has the courage to tell Ellowyne he loves her...

In his dreams, she always replys "Me too".

Unfortunately this is only a dream. But isn't life a dream ?

Tired to be unrequited, Rufus decided finally to make something very special to attract Ellowyne's attention. For that reason, and knowing that Ellowyne seemed lately interestead in Steam Punk style, Rufus purchased the best steam Punk outfit he could find. Here he is trying his new outfit.

I am not really handsome, but who knows?

Then, he went to visit Ellowyne, decided to impress, but when he arrived he saw she wasn't alone. Amber was there too. Oh my, Ellowyne was as always, so pretty ! "If only I could..."

"Rufus" Ellowyne said, "I am glad you are here, come and seat down near me."

Rufus thought Ellowyne was sad and proposed a short flight with his plane, but Ellowyne refused. She was annoyed, probably due to Amber's presence. He tried to comfort her but she even didn't notice.

Amber said she did want to fly and Rufus just didn't know how to refuse without being impolite, and, after all, he wanted to impress Ellowyne showing her how good he was piloting a plane.

Once they landed, Amber said she wanted a picture with Rufus. He accepted to pose just to be able to pose also with Ellowyne.

Then he posed with Ellowyne but she seemed so distant that he finally understood she would never love him.

Feeling really bad and desperate, he left, but it wasn't his day, the sky was as dark and stormy as his own heart. Rufus disappeared in the clouds, thinking of Ellowyne. Rescue teams are still looking for him.

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