Sandals for 16 inch fashion dolls.

- Cardboard
- Beads
- 2 pins used for beads
- Elastic string for beads
- A little piece of fabric
- Glue stick
- Cyanoacrylate adhesive
- Neopren glue
- A piece of wire
- a little piece of leather (optional)

1. Cut 2 inner soles on cardboard and 2 outer soles on leather (if you don't have leather, you can use also cardboard for the outer soles) picture 1. Make a little hole on each outer sole as shown on picture 2. For each sandal, you need the material shown on this picture : the big bead is about 1/2" and the little bead is about 3/16". Introduce the pin in the hole and glue the beads as shown on picture 3 to each outer soles using cyanoacrylate adhesive.

Note that if you are using cardboard for the outer sole, you have to cover it with fabric as shown for the inner sole below.

From left to right : picture 1, picture 2, picture 3

Here is a pic of the outer sole with the heel.

picture 4

2. Glue the inner soles on fabric (using stick glue) and cut letting a seam allowance of about 1/4" all around. Then clip the seam allowance as shown in picture 5. Turn the inner sole and glue the rest of the fabric to it : pic 6. Lay them on the doll's feet and press to shape them, pic 7

From left to right : picture 5, picture 6, picture 7

3. Insert little golden beads on an elastic string and wrap the foot and the inner sole with it twice. Do not put beads under the sole. Then tie a knot under the sole. Pics 8 and 9.

From left to right : picture 8, picture 9

3. Spread neopren glue under the inner soles and the outer soles. Let dry. Cut a piece of wire a little shorter than the inner sole and lay it between the inner and the outer soles before gluying them together, then glue the soles together. Pic 10 and 11.

From left to right : picture 10, picture 11

4. Insert an elastic string in the middle of the two rows of beads on the front of the shoe, tie a knot and insert a decorative bead on the two pieces of string you get (I used a butterfly shaped bead) : pic 12. Then separate each piece of string and insert beads on each of them. Tie a knot behind the ankle. Then glue the part of the big bead of the heel shown on picture 13 to the outer sole using cyanoacrylate adhesive to hold the heel upright.

From left to right : picture 12, picture 13.

The shoes are shown on Ellowyne's feet.

Link to the sole pattern in PDF format.

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