Doll studio photo.

Tutorial by Nic Trznadel.

- A big cardboard box
- Gummed kraft tape
- Wrapping paper roll
- An A4 size envelope
- A little piece of moquette
- Paint of your choice
- Double sided tape
- A picture A4 size
- A piece of black paper

1. Take a big cardboard box. Lay it flat in the floor. Pictures 1 and 2.

2. Trace out on the cardboard what will be the background and the sides. Adapt the sizes to your need. In that case, the sizes are as indicated below. Cut where indicated : pictures 3 and 4.

3. Stick all the pieces together with gummed kraft tape as shown on picture 5 and put also gummed kraft tape on all the folded parts (pic 6).

4. Here is the result once fold (picture 7). I have made a little hole at the top and the bottom in the center to put a string to keep it folded and to be able to keep it away (picture 8)

5. With the remaining cardboard, make a fireplace using a piece measuring 21 3/4" high, 8 3/4" large and 2" depth. Fold it as in picture 9.

6. Cut with a cutter what will be the hearth of the fireplace, letting 2" on each side to be folded. Put a shelf measuring 4 3/4" on the top and stick it in place with gummed kraft paper (picture 11). On picture 12 you can see the fireplace ase seen from behind with the folded sides.

7. Stick the fireplace in place using gummed kraft paper (picture 13).

8. Use a wrapping paper roll and cut a pipe measuring 10 1/4". Cut it in half (picture 14), you get two pieces.

9. Stick those two pieces on each side of the fireplace (picture 15)

10. On the other side, we will make a window. Cut a rectangle measuring 8" x 11" cm (picture 16). Cut a similar rectangle on an A4 size envelope and stick the envelope on the back of the window (picture 17).

11. On the inside of the room, stick a shelf at the bottom of the window as shown on picture 20 using gummed kraft paper (take care and don't stick the envelope), picture 18.

12. Paint all the walls and put the lighting on each side (I used dioders sold at IKEA that are very easy to install) pictures 19 and 20.

13. To make the floor, use a piece of moquette and cut it following the floor shape, that is : let a triangle on each side to be able to open the room a little to take pictures, so that the three sides can appear on them. Stick the moquette with double sided tape (picture 21).

14. Make a frame all around the window using wooden boards and insert a picture in the envelope. (picture 22).

15. Decorate the fireplace using plaster decorations and stick a piece of black paper inside the hearth of the fireplace (picture 23).

16. Install a curtain rod over the window by cutting this rod a little wider than the width of the room to insert it on the cardboard (picture 24).

The studio is finished (pictures 25 and 26).

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