Inma's Doll Collection

Tonner dolls

butterflies Page title butterflies

Cami readhead wearing "Fanfare", an original outfit by Tonner.

Cami, portrait.

Antoinette Bloom wearing "Optimistic", an original outfit by Tonner.

Antoinette in purple.

Antoinette Bloom, close up.

Antoinette Bloom modeling "Frivolous", an original Tonner outfit.

Antoinette Symponic modeling her original outfit.

Antoinette Symphonic, portrait.

Sydney Chase Ski Retreat wearing her original outfit.

Sydney Chase Ski Retreat, portrait.

Kitty Collier is modeling " Boulevard Lady", an original Tonner outfit.

Kitty Collier, portrait.

Kitty Collier in her bedroom.

Tiny Kitty is wearing the original Tonner outfit "Tea at three".

Tiny Kitty in El Retiro Park, in Madrid (Spain).

Tiny Kitty, a spring day.

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