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Designed by Ruth Treffeisen and produced in cooperation with the Spanish company Paola Reina, Carla was released for the first time in 2006. Carla and her friends are all vinyl and are 32 cm tall. Those dolls made in Ruth Treffeisen's atelier are handsigned by her under their right foot.

Carla is a German girl and has a lot of friends from different countries. She has also a great wardrobe.

Carla Rosa, from Germany.

Carla Rosa was the first doll of the Carla series. She is wearing her original outfit and is signed by Ruth Treffeisen.

Carla in the forest. She is wearing a winter coat designed by Ruth Treffeisen.

Carla goes to the beach. She is wearing a Paola Reina outift.

Carla in summer. She is wearing a Paola Reina outfit.

Nora, from Martinique.

Carla has a lot of friends from all around the world. Here is Nora from Martinique. She is wearing her original outfit.

Nora wearing "Fleur des Givres", an outfit designed by Ruth Treffeisen.

Geisha dolls.

In 2011, Paola Reina produces two Geishas, one with normal skin and one with white skin. Here is the Geisha with normal skin wearing her orignal outfit from Paola Reina.

Close up

Here is the other Geisha, wearing her original outfit.

Here with a kimono I made for the doll of a friend.

Showing her bow.

Both together with their original outfits.

Paola Reina competition 2011

I have participated in a competition organized by Paola Reina in collaboration with Dolls and Dolls and Toyland, to make an outfit for Paola Reina dolls. I won the second prize and received five dolls I had to choose among those of the Paola Reina catalog. Here is the outift I made:

This is the diploma Paola Reina sent me with the dolls.

And here are the dolls I choose. The first one was the one that won the third prize last year : Olga Ivanova (aka Carol).

Close up.

Liu dressed by Ruth Treffeisen.

Close up.

Nora wearing her original outfit.

Close up.

Soy Tú, asian, by Ruth Treffeisen.


Soy Tu brunette by Ruth Treffeisen.

Close up.

Thanks to : Paola Reina, Dolls and Dolls, Ruth Treffeisen and Toyland for the organization of this competition.

The dolls of this series are 47 cm tall and are vinyl with a soft body. They are designed by Ruth Treffeisen and produced in collaboration with Paola Reina.


Rebeca is wearing a coat and a scarf I made for her.

Rebeca, portrait.

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