Inma's Doll Collection

Müller Wichtel dolls by Rosemarie Müller, playing in autumn.

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You will find here photos of Müller Wichtell dolls that belong to my collection, playing in autumn.

At the "Oktoberfest", the beer festival.

Sasha was walking through the forest when he saw Tom.

Tom was wearing a suitcase.

"Come with me to the Oktoberfest" said Tom. "The girls also come ?" asked Sasha. "Yes, Sabine and Mitzi !"

Later, at the Oktoberfest : "Are you sure the girls are coming ?" asked Sasha. "Yes, look, they are there !"

Sabine and Mitzi were having so much fun !

Tom joined Mitzi.

And Sasha joined Sabine.

And the four of them enjoyed the Oktoberfest !

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