Inma's Doll Collection

Wichtel dolls by Rosemarie Müller, playing in summer.

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You will find here photos of Wichtell dolls that belong to my collection, playing in summer.

I have participated in a swap in a doll forum. The theme was "White for a ceremony". Here is what my lucky dolls received, for the girl:

There was also a shawl.

For the boy:


Thank you so much !

Three little mermaids

Alice, the eldest, was always daydreaming about travelling around the globe.

Tania, the second, was in love with pirates.

Close up.

And the youngest was always playing with dolphins.

Here are the three of them.

Could he be a prince ?

Sabine found a toad and didn't want to let him go, you never know !

Sasha had to convince her that she could live without a prince anyway.

The wadding pool.

I made a swimsuit for Valentine to play in the wading pool.

The swimsuit for Riki wasn't ready yet, but she wanted to join anyway !

Close up.

At the beach

Valentine and Pierette.



The whole group.

Tom and Mitzi.

Another photo of the whole group.

Valentine in the garden.

Mitzi and Tom are best friends.

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