Inma's Doll Collection

Müller Wichtel dolls by Rosemarie Müller, playing in winter.

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You will find here photos of Müller Wichtell dolls that belong to my collection, playing in winter.

Carnival costumes

Tom as a hippie.

Mitzy as a hippie.

My little couple of hippies.

Serge as a little cowboy.

Pierette modeling a cowgirl costume.

Serge and Pierette.

Serge and Pierette.


It is cold !

Tom with an outfit I made for him around Christmas.

Mitzi modeling a knitted outfit a friend made for me as I cannot knit any longer, unfortunately.

Made with socks.

Serge modeling and outfit I made with socks.

Close up.

Rosi wearing also an outfit made with socks.

Both of them.


Little elves love Christmas time because they help Santa Claus. While they are waiting his arrival, Riki is playing violin.

Carina is playing the trumpet.

And Mitzi is playing the mandolin.

Meanwhile, the others are dancing

Then, Santa Claus arrives.

He asks : "Who want to help me ?" and they all reply the same thing : "Me !"

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