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Amelia Thimble

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Amelia Thimble is a resin BJD, 4" tall with 12 points of articulation. She was designed by Joe Petrollese and is produced by Wilde Imagination. You will find here pictures of the dolls who belong to my collection.

Amelia's bedroom:

I made that room inspired by one made by Jessica, visit her site here:

Amelia has a new friend, Izzy. They immediately became forever friends:

Four Seasons knits for Amelia. Here Spring:


Amelia visits her grandma.

Her favorite costume:

She is a cute girl who loves dancing. (She is a limited edition and she is wearing her original outfit. She was part of a set with three other outfits and a teddy bear.)

Ballet is one of her dreams (she is wearing one of the outfits of the set).

She is a tiny girl but already loves looking at her in the mirror !

She also loves posing for pictures, here with another outfit of the set.

Her pet is called Rags and she is convinced it is the sweetest. And here is the other outfit of the set.

Reading is one of her favourite hobbies, but the stories have to be specially frightening !

And of course she loves walking around with Rags.

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