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Here are pictures of the Blythe dolls who belong to my collection. Some are wearing their original outfits (always mentioned), others wear what I've been making for them.

Hey ! Wait !.

Blythe wants to see the world.

Snow Queen.

Blythe as Snow Queen.

The Queen of the wood.

Blythe (Winsome Willow customized by me) has been choosen by the animals of the wood to be their queen.

Blythe gets a kimono.

Grenadine (Natasha Moore customized by me) wanted a kimono. I made one for her with the beautiful fabric I got in Japan.

Of course, Blythe Adorable Audrey (customized by me) also wanted a kimono. So I made one also for her.

Another pic of Adorable Audrey.

Both friends together very happy !

Here is a photo of Adorable Audrey in her original outfit before custom. She is part of the Prima Dolly set issued in 2009.

And here is a comparison picture showing before and after custom of Adorable Audrey.

Blythe Prairie Posie.

Aïlin (Prairie Posie ) wearing her original outfit.

Aïlin is sure she has hear a bird singing. Where is it ?

Aïlin has taken a lot of flowers this morning, tomorrow she will try to find more.

Blythe in Japan.

Aïrin (Simply Chocolate - 2010) is enjoying a magical night in Tokyo.

Wonder if there are fishes in the pond.

Wow, they are wonderful !


I just love waterfalls !

Junie Moon shop in Tokyo.

Joonie Moon shop, outside.

Junie Moon shop, outside too.

Junie Moon shop, outside.

Me and my twin.

Picking mushrooms.

I have made this outfit for my niece, following a pattern from the Book "Dolly Dolly Books nº9". Aïrin (Blythe Simply Chocolate - 2010) is modeling it.

Blythe's scrapbook.


Grenadine (Blythe Natasha Moore - 2008 customized) is wearing an outfit I made for her.

Grenadine with her original outfit.

A big hug.

Feuille d'Erable (Blythe Primadolly Ashletina 2008 - customized) is wearing an outfit I made for her.

Feuille d'Erable and Petite Blythe with the same outfit.

A big hug.

A rabbit in Scotland.

Feuille d'Erable and her adventures with a rabbit. (Blythe is wearing an outfit I made for her).

Life in blue.

Fleur Sauvage (Blythe Happy Harbour 2008 - customized) with an outfit I made using Chang Hsiu Mei patterns.

Happy Valentine !

Fleur Sauvage (Happy Harbor customized by me) wish you all a Happy Valentine day !

First flight.

Fleur Sauvage (Happy Harbor customized by me) has decided to pilot a plane. Today it was her first flight, it sounds she wasn't afraid at all and enjoyed it very much.

Showing her glasses. (I made everything following Chang Hsiu Mei's pattern)

Spring morning.

Fleur Sauvage among flowers. (I've followed Chang Hsiu Mei patterns)

Close up.

Video: Message in a bottle.

Blythe was thinking of ther sister who is living so far and decided to send her a message, in a bottle. I have made a video I have uploaded on Youtube, click the image below to see it.

Here she is, she has just written the message. (Blythe is wearing "Happy Harbor" outfit).

Close up (Takara Tomy Blythe, Prima Dolly "Ashletina", customized by me).

And here is her sister,"Happy Harbor" (Takara Tomy Blythe) with her original outfit.

As everybody know, in the doll world all is possible and "Happy Harbor" received the message.

Here is a comparison picture showing before and after custom of Happy Harbour.

Here is a comparison picture showing before and after custom of Ashletina.

At home.

Blythe taking a bath.