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You will find here pictures of the dolls who belong to my collection.

Basic Patsy

She is modeling a dress I've crocheted for her.

Patsy with new eyes and an outfit I've knitted.

Showing her dress.

Showing the hat.

Christmas Morning and Basic together, with their new eyes.

Christmas Morning Patsy

In 2012, a new vinyl Patsy of 10", with a new head sculpt, made her debut at the 2012 Tonner Doll Convention. Christmas Morning Patsy has inset blue eyes and a brown saran removable wig. She has the 10" Ann Estell body and her skin tone is cameo. She is limited to 150. In this picture, she is wearing her original outfit.

Patsy wearing "Art Nouveau", an outfit I made for her. I've added eyelashes.

I have made a free pattern for those who would like to make this dress and the hat. There are no instructions with the patterns but it is really simple to make. Click your back button to come back here after downloading the pattern.

Link to the pattern in PDF format.

Patsy with a dress I made for Christmas. I've changed her eyes.

Another pic I took for Christmas with Ellowyne.

Patsy was born in 1928, designed by Bernard Lipfert. She was made of composition. She was supposed to be a three years old girl. She had red molded hair and painted side glancing eyes. She got several sisters in different sizes and even a boyfriend called Skippy.

Patsy and her trunk.

Here is Patsy and her trunk, a reproduction from 1996 of the original 1933 doll.

Patsy wearing an other outfit from the trunk.

1988 Effanbee Catalog.

Here are pictures of Patsy taken from 1988 Effanbee Catalog.

In 1946 Effanbee was sold to another company and has changed hands several more times till 2002 when the Robert Tonner Doll Company acquired Effanbee.

Patsy Daytime Whimsy.

Here is Patsy Daytime Whimsy from 2006, LE 250. She is 10".

Patsy Babyette Enchanted Christening.

This is Patsy Babyette Enchanted Christening, LE1000, from 2009. She is a 9" vinyl doll. She is an exact replica that was cast from molds taken from the original composition.

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