Inma's Doll Collection

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Ellowyne Wilde dressed by other designers.

All the outfits pictured here are made by other designers and belong too to my collection.


"Au Revoir Ennui" Ellowyne modeling "Kate" by Nic.

Close up.

"Mini Madness"

"Wigged Out Too" Ellowyne modeling "Mini Madness" by SS Designs.

"Mini Madness" by SS Designs: the dress.

"Lilys Fear Cute dress"

"Always Playing Solitaire" Ellowyne modeling "Lilys Fear Cute dress" by Idollise Creations.

"Vapeur Mauve"

"Au Revoir Ennui" Ellowyne modeling "Vapeur Mauve" by Magalie Dawson.

"Sous les Érables"

"Save Me" Ellowyne modeling "Sous les Érables" by Magalie Dawson.

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